Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Tired of getting lost in the shuffle of a large accounting firm? Want to take advantage of more personalized services? Clearwater Professional Corporations owner is a small business owner just like you, and he understands what it takes to succeed in todays competitive marketplace in Oakville. The chartered accountants at Clearwater can help you achieve the success you desire and are ready to get started when you are. We offer a wide range of expert accounting services to meet your requirements:

Year-end accounting assistance
Does the prospect of closing off your financials for the year make you feel uncomfortable? Juggling small business operations with year-end accounting is stressful on small business owners, and can cause their small business in the greater Oakville area to suffer. Clearwaters chartered accountants can assist you with the following year-end accounting services:

  • data entry
  • filing
  • year-end cleanup services
  • financial record organizing
  • audit book organizing
  • journal entry adjustment
  • bank and credit card account reconciliations

The chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation can help you eliminate the stress created by arduous recordkeeping and administrative tasks. But we will do more than just handle your year-end accounting; we will provide you with complete and accurate financial reporting on a monthly basis, so that you can see the numbers for yourself and gain a clearer understanding of your small business financials. Leave the work to Clearwater, and spend time growing your business instead, with peace of mind knowing that chartered accountants are on your side. Contact us now for the accounting services solutions for your small business in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Ancaster, Brampton, Dundas, Etobicoke, Grimsby, Hamilton, Milton, Stoney Creek and Toronto, Ontario.

Budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management
Over time, small businesses in Oakville and surrounding areas, constantly grow and adjust to a variety of circumstances. The difference between success and failure for most is dependant on how well they forecast, manage and budget their cash flow. Most small business owners are too busy to spend the time needed to meet these requirements, or to plan for business goals required for growth. The chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation will present you with easy to understand facts and figures, to assist you in making the best decisions for your small business. We provide:

  • accounting system controls assessment
  • cash flow management analysis
  • implementation of accounting and cash flow systems
  • customized financial reporting

The chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation are unbeatable at providing our clients in and around Oakville with the small business accounting services and advice best suited to their needs. Connect with us today and let us prove how our friendly, highly skilled and experienced chartered accountants can assist you and your small business enterprise!

Accounting software consultancy
Do you need to find solutions to improve your current accounting software system? Or maybe you’re considering changing your small business accounting software? Certainly not easy tasks to undertake. Allow the expert chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation help you convert or integrate your current accounting software, or setup new accounting software, for your small business in or around Oakville. As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we specialize in:

  • data migration and conversion from other accounting software
  • managing client QuickBooks software
  • quickBooks implementation
  • client training on QuickBooks
  • financial performance management, budgeting and planning on QuickBooks
  • monthly processing of QuickBooks data to generate financial statements
  • QuickBooks troubleshooting

Clearwater Professional Corporation is, hands-down, your number one source for accounting software consultancy services in and around the greater Oakville area! Allow us to assist you with your accounting software needs in as precise and timely a manner as possible; for expert advice you can trust, and results that matter, contact the chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation today.

Business registration
Are you thinking of opening a small business in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Ancaster, Brampton, Etobicoke, Dundas, Grimsby, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Milton or Toronto? Ready to turn your dream business into a reality? The chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation can find the right solution to help lighten some of the stress you may experience when launching your small business. By meeting with us we will gain a thorough understanding of your small businesses objectives, and can help you with:

  • specialized software and financial reports
  • payroll and HST registration
  • company name and business registration

We will determine the best business structure for your small business goals, and help your burgeoning enterprise in Oakville take its first positive steps in the right direction. Give us a call, and ask the experienced chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation how they can help you register your business quickly and hassle-free!

Company incorporation
As a business evolves, so do its needs and structure. The important decision to incorporate your Oakville or surrounding area small business at any stage of its growth will dictate what your small business is able to do in the future. Many small businesses start off as sole proprietorships or partnerships, and may become incorporated when growth necessitates that change. Here are some of the main advantages to consider when incorporating any small business:

  • income splitting; reduces tax liability, and can involve family members
  • continuance; continue to exist irrespective of ownership with an unlimited life-span
  • lower tax rates; Canadian controlled private corporation tax is approximately 21%, and personal income can be reinvested into the corporation or received as dividends
  • limited liability; reduces your own personal liability and protects your personal assets
  • small business tax deduction; approximately 16% on the first $200,000 of taxable income, and may lower tax rate
  • raising funds; incorporated companies can borrow, and there’s an added ability to borrow from the corporation

Incorporating your small business can be time-consuming and extremely complicated, but the chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation are here to help you make the transition effortlessly!. You can trust the chartered accountants at Clearwater to help you look far beyond the daily operations of your small business in or around Oakville, and see the bigger picture!

CFO advisory / part-time controller services
One of the biggest challenges for a small business owner in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Ancaster, Brampton, Dundas, Etobicoke, Grimsby, Hamilton, Milton, Stoney Creek or Toronto, is their inability to hire a trusted financial advisor. It’s an expensive undertaking, it’s difficult to find an advisor who can provide you with sound advice, and it’s a service you may require on only a part-time basis. The chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation can provide you with the knowledge and expertise of an experienced controller, within the limited capacity that your Oakville small business may require. The following services can be customized to your small business accounting situation, and will help you make the informed decisions needed to help you thrive in todays ultra-competitive marketplace:

  • financial planning; we can answer any questions, and provide you with expert advice, on how and where you should invest the money your company takes in
  • cash flow monitoring; we can help alleviate any cash flow problems you may experience due to HST returns and payroll remittances
  • innovative suggestions; we’ll determine what can be improved upon from a financial standpoint
  • growth management; we help you find the best strategy in order for your company to successfully flourish

Staying at least one step ahead of your competition is one of the many benefits of utilizing CFO advisory / part-time controller services from the experts at Clearwater Professional Corporation. With over 30 years experience, our chartered accountants have provided small businesses in the greater Oakville area with a variety of customized accounting services and advice. We are here for you, the small business owner, ready to take on any task you request of us, so please contact us today!

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